5 Distinct Love Languages for Married Couple

Each one of us knows a unique love language that we’re able to show to our partners. We might not notice it at first, especially in our younger years. Certainly, we have our own extraordinary means to make our partner feel loved. It’s sort of like a gift we can offer in the best possible way we can.

The longer we stay in a relationship, the more we get to know our own and our partner’s love language. And, when it leads to marriage, it can be the best chance for you to set no limits in communicating your language to your spouse. However, according to Gary Chapman, we tend to show the kind of love we wish to receive. This creates a problem if our spouse fails to respond positively with the way we express our love. Which is why we must exert an effort in knowing our spouse even better to give us a hint on what to expect from them. They, in return, will know you in a special way because of how you show your love for them. To help you with, these are the five distinct love languages for married couple:

Physical Touch

Having physical interaction with your spouse is one of the most effective ways of showing your love. With the touch of your hand, the brush of your lips, or the warmth of your embrace, you can channel your feelings into an emotional level. Naturally, it is our basic human instinct to notice the kind of energy you transfer through your touch. If it’s love energy, your spouse will definitely feel it.

Quality Time

Spending quality time is an effort that is usually appreciated especially when you’re both busy with work and running the household. Some people go out of their way just to give a portion of their time to the person they love.

Acts of Service

Lending a helping hand is one of the best ways to show your love for your spouse. We all have burdens to carry. Knowing that someone is always there for you when you need them most gives you a special bond as husband and wife.

Giving and Receiving Gifts

The act of giving shows thoughtfulness towards the person receiving the gift. It is ordinary to feel loved when your spouse thought of you while buying the present. It is also a sign that your spouse knows your likes and dislikes.

Words of Affirmation

Simple words of appreciation allow your spouse to feel noticed and appreciated. When they do something they know they’re good at and you praise them for it, it suggests to them that you are aware of their strengths and acknowledge their effort to show it.