Unlock Your Creativity

Every writer has their own voice, no matter what type of writing they do. You need to find your voice before you can unlock your creativity. A writer is unlike any other profession or skill. It is not a fact or scientific, it cannot be defined in one way. Writing is a creative process, a streamline of thoughts that goes from the mind to the paper. A person’s hand and pen are the machine that power this process and bring it to fruition. Also, it is easy to stay organized when you write things down.


A Desk For Writing

Have A Space For Writing

To keep yourself focused when writing, have a nice clean and organized space. If your writing set up is chaotic and organized, you will likely focus on that instead of your work. Another important tip is to keep your phone away. It is so easy to get distracted and then be scrolling for hours online. Theres new and flashy articles written every minute and they want to distract you. Like when you get those calls and wonder, whose number is this?

Write About Your Interests

It is always easier to write about something you are passionate about. For example, I love my family so writing about them is enjoyable for me. If I tried to write about nuclear engineering, a topic I know nothing about, it would take me some time. Unlocking you creativity comes easier when you focus on the right things. Start with a topic you know a lot about and then become inspired. I know that’s what works for me.

Writing Outside Boosts Creativity

Go For A Walk

When I feel stuck and cannot think of anything to write, I go outside. Of course I have to bring a notepad in case I get an idea. Something about being outside causes all my senses to go off, I hear children running and smell the fresh air. Nothing inspires me better than this. If you enjoyed reading this, check out my last post about having a long-lasting marriage.